30 June - Ammoni AO birthday

Ammoni AO
Ammoni AO is part of the Azot Group AO and celebrates its 34th anniversary on this day.

Today, it is one of Europe's largest chemical companies, producing a wide range of basic chemicals.

Annual production volume:
  • 360,000 tonnes of nitric acid
  • 717,500 tons of ammonia
  • 233,800 tonnes of methanol
  • 752,500 tonnes of urea
  • 450,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate

34 years is the age of blossoming, when you have experience and much more strength for new achievements and achievements. We wish the company and all the employees of Ammoni AО prosperity, stability, constant development and improvement! Let every day is filled with pleasant events, and any difficulties only strengthen and inspire to conquer new peaks!

Good health, happiness and prosperity to you and your loved ones!

The publication was prepared based on materials of the telegram-channel Azot KAO