Azot KAO became one of the venues of the International Conference "Development of Productive Forces of KuZbass"

Azot, a Kemerovo joint-stock company
From 17 to 23 November, Kuzbass is hosting a large-scale scientific and practical event involving representatives of federal and regional government agencies, business, scientific communities and the public. Azot KAO employees acted as experts in several areas of the Kuzbass conference.

The Chemical Industry section began with a plenary session "Kuzbass Chemical Industry: History, Trends and Trends" and a round table "Digital Transformation of the Chemical Industry". Azot KAO executives made presentations on the problems and prospects of the chemical industry, staffing of chemical production facilities in Kuzbass, and the application of digital technologies in labour protection.

In the course of this section, Azot KAO also introduced the audience to two reports: "Azot KAO Engineering and Design Centre" and "Experience of implementing innovative solutions in the field of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics at Azot KAO.

On 20 November, Azot KAO hosted the most important session "Environmental Vector in the Development of Kuzbass". Oleg Khrabrovsky, Director of Industrial Safety, presented a report on "Principles of sustainable development of Azot KAO. It should be reminded that in the next 7 years the plant will implement several major environmental projects that will reduce emissions by 7,878.2 tonnes from the 2020 level.

Andrey Vishnevsky, General Director of Azot KAO, presented a report on the company's development strategy and new investment projects at the strategic session "Regional Economy: Challenges and Solutions", and moderated the project session "Ecosystem of Professional Guidance for Kuzbass Youth" at the section "Kuzbass Education - a Source of Personnel and Ideas for Economic Development".

The section "Tourism" was held at the Azot KAO Personnel Training Centre. Ilya Arefiev, Head of the Museum of History and Labour Glory of Azot KAO, shared his experience and prospects for the development of industrial tourism at the enterprise.
The publication was prepared according to the website of Azot KAO