Azot Group set a record in Sheregesh

Azot, a Kemerovo joint-stock company
On 16 December, the longest Russian flag was unfurled on Zelenaya Mountain in Sheregesh. Employees of Azot Group became the record holders for lowering the tricolour with a length of 1700.42 m and a width of 4.5 m from the mountain slope. The event was recorded in the Register of Records of Russia.

The record cloth of the Russian flag on the ski slope was held by 350 people - employees of Azot Group of from Kemerovo, Moscow, Republic of Tatarstan, Republic of Bashkortostan, Irkutsk and Volgograd regions, as well as volunteers of Tashtagolsky district.

It took a month of painstaking work of masters of Krasnoyarsk sewing factory to make the flag for the record weighing 500 kg. The record was set with the support of Tashtagolsky District Administration, Sheregesh Resort Directorate, Cascade-Vostok LLC, and Energy Strategic Events Agency.

"The task was very difficult. To unfurl the Russian flag in harsh weather conditions on the slope of Mount Zelenaya, surrounded by taiga forests, in the wind at -18 degrees Celsius. We are from different regions of the biggest country and we wanted to close our meeting symbolically. We are all united by a common flag!" - commented Andrey Vishnevsky, General Director of Azot KAO.

Yury Chernykh, the federal arbitrator of the International Agency "Interrecord" and the Register of Records of Russia, arrived specially for the official registration of the new national record. His presence ensured accurate recording and official confirmation of the achievement.

The event held on 16 December updated the previous record from the Orenburg region, where in August 2023 the country's longest tricolour was unfurled, stretching for 1,588 metres and having the same width of 4.5 metres.
The publication was prepared according to the website of Azot KAO