A grain drying complex opened in Elabuga - it will be part of a $2.5 billion project

Ammoniy agrotechnologii OOO
A continuous cycle grain drying complex with careful handling of products for 18,000 tonnes of grain was opened today in the village of Gari in the Yelabuga district of the Republic of Tatarstan. The event was attended by Dmitry Yashin, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustem Nuriyev, Head of Elabuzhsky district, Dmitry Makarov, General Director of Ammoni АО, Alexander Manankin, Director of Ammoni Agrotechnologii OOO. The cost of investments in the grain drying complex is estimated at 240 million roubles. In general, 1 billion rubles has already been spent on the project - for the base and equipment. Another 1.5 billion roubles will be invested in the future.
"There was a landfill and potholes, but now you see the result - a tidy site. It continues to be transformed. The fences have been fenced off, the landfill has been dismantled, and the hangars have been cleaned up. It was retrofitted with modern units, a weighing station. And now a grain drying complex, which will be the first stage... The second stage should be a seed plant. Promoting technology and selling fertilizers is not enough, we learned this from our own experience. We need good seeds, especially now, in the current situation. And we are ready to make them for ourselves and offer them to you, too" Makarov said.
Nuriyev said that the district currently produces 98 tonnes of milk per day. "The plan is to reach 120 tonnes by the end of the year thanks to new investors, grain farmers and livestock farmers who have also stepped up, looking at such investments. Here, of course, is a special story. Ammoni Agro OOO currently cultivates almost 9,000 hectares. We have plans to increase the land we will be giving them" he said.

The head noted that this is a new milestone for the Yelabuga district: "We have never been at the forefront of rural development. At least not in the foreseeable past. Today, thanks to Ammoni Agro OOO and Mir OOO, we are carriers of advanced technologies."

In the future, there are also plans to build a seed plant for 500 million roubles, and a dairy farm for 2,000 dairy cows is expected to be built for 1 billion roubles.
This publication is based on a story from the Business Online website