"Ammoni 2" was approved by the Investment Council of the Republic of Tatarstan

Ammoni AO
The meeting was chaired by Rais of the Republic. Rustam Minnikhanov called the urea and ammonia production project promising and strategic.

"I believe that this is a strategic project in general for our country. We need to increase gas consumption inside the country...This is a major consumer, firstly, of gas, a major consumer of electricity. This is new jobs, and we need to keep the issue of the project implementation under special control," stressed Rais of the Republic.

The volume of investment in the project is 160 billion rubles. The planned capacity is 1.2 million tonnes per year and 1.75 million tonnes per year of urea. The new production will give 500 new jobs.

"Our project will make a significant contribution to the budget of both the Republic of Tatarstan and the federal budgets. Total tax revenues from 2022 to 2042 to the budgets of Russia and Tatarstan will be more than 44 billion rubles. This is an investment of more than 160 billion roubles," Alexander Osipov, Development Director of Ammoni 2, noted in the report.

Rais of the Republic instructed to work out the project implementation in detail. The release of the first products at the new production facility is scheduled for 2028.
The publication was prepared based on materials of the telegram-channel Ammoni AO - Mendeleyevskazot OOO