Azot KAO celebrates 67 years since the first tonne was produced

Azot, a Kemerovo joint-stock company
5 November 1956 is considered to be the birthday of the plant, the beginning of its history, which is full of significant events and achievements.

In its 67 years, Azot continues to be one of the largest enterprises outside the Urals, one of the foundations of the country's food security and an important player in the global market. The plant still has great potential for further development. This is evidenced by annually updated production records. The millionth tonne of ammonium nitrate produced on 6 October 2023, a day earlier than last year, is a vivid confirmation of this.

The plant is getting better not only in terms of technical re-equipment, increasing the efficiency of processes and production capacity. A lot of efforts and funds are invested into improvement of the plant, improvement of employees' comfort, expansion of social programmes. Thanks to the labour of the employees, sincere interest in the fate of the enterprise, involvement in all working processes, Azot is prospering and remains a stronghold of stability and sustainable development for so many years.
The publication was prepared based on materials of the telegram-channel Azot