Ammoniy agrotechnologii OOO is building a seed plant

Ammoniy agrotechnologii OOO
Ammoniy agrotechnologii OOO is building a seed plant in the Elabuzhsky district. The total cost of the project together with equipment is estimated at 300 million roubles.

"The work started this summer. In July, the site for construction was planned, a pit was dug, and in August the first layer of the foundation was poured. The foundation is quite massive, four-layer. This week the builders will start reinforcing and preparing for the second layer, and then the third. Then the columns and trusses will be installed and the fourth layer will be poured and the floor will be made. These works will last until about mid-October, then the installation of the rest of the steel structures and the roof will begin. In November we are planning to assemble the equipment itself under the roof," said Alexander Manankin, the director of the agricultural enterprise.

Most of the equipment has already arrived. We are also expecting expedition silos and two grain cleaning machines from Germany. In total, the production line will have four machines for calibrating grain according to different parameters - weight, colour, shape and size of grain, as well as machines for seed encrustation (they apply a preparation to the surface of seeds and eventually produce seed ready for sowing).
"When we started our agricultural activities, we understood that in order to get good yields, we should apply fertilisers competently and use modern technologies. But over time we realised that, apart from fertilisers, plant protection products and machinery, seed itself plays an important role. This is another component of getting a good harvest. Only well-prepared seeds give high-quality, friendly sprouts," says Alexander Manankin.

For this reason it was decided to build its own seed preparation plant, the quality of which Ammonium Agrotechnologies will be able to control personally - from the beginning to the end of the preparation process. Production will be highly automated, but despite this, at certain points there will still be a need for the presence of workers - operators, who will monitor the work of all systems, being at a computer, adjust the mode of operation of machines depending on the quality of the incoming material for processing, carry out maintenance of equipment, packaging and loading of seeds.

"When we reach the design capacity, we will work round the clock. The plant will be capable of producing about 20 tonnes of seed per hour. Taking into account the need for adjustment, cleaning between varieties and maintenance, the production volume per day will be about 330-360 tonnes," Alexander Manankin said.
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