Ammoni AO to launch production of AdBlue reagent and liquid carbon dioxide

Ammoni AO
Ammoni AO will launch low-tonnage production of reagents for cleaning exhaust gases of diesel engines in October 2023. The design capacity of the unit is 32 thousand tonnes per year.

Construction of a unit for the production of AdBlue reagent, which is an aqueous solution of urea, oriented to the Russian domestic market, has been underway since June 2022, with investments totalling RUB 102 million.

In April 2024, the company plans to launch production of liquid carbon dioxide. Construction of the unit with a capacity of 40,000 tonnes per year began in 2023. Investments totalled RUB 980 million. Liquid carbon dioxide is used in the production of carbonated drinks, cooling and freezing of products, fire protection of facilities and arc welding.
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