Azot-agro OOO joined the national project "Labour Productivity"

Azot-agro OOO
On 19 March, the agricultural enterprise Azot-agro OOO, a subsidiary of Tsentr peredovogo zemledeliya OOO, was visited by Alexey Grishin, Minister of Labour and Employment of Kuzbass. He launched the national programme "Labour Productivity".
"At the moment, 85 enterprises in Kuzbass have already become participants in the national project. This allows companies to cut costs and increase profits. The additional funds enable employers to purchase new equipment and increase employee salaries, which has a positive impact on the development of companies and the region's economy," said Alexey Grishin.
Real labour productivity results without significant financial outlays are the main goal of the programme. The programme is designed for 3 years. During this time, the company, together with specialists from the regional competence centre, will carry out diagnostics of all processes. Then conclusions and proposals on improvements and measures that need to be adjusted will be presented.
"We chose one of our core activities - production of seeds of grain and leguminous crops," said Nikolay Zabava, General Director of Azot-agro OOO. "We decided already at the start of our new facility - a seed plant - not to make mistakes, to learn unique and effective mechanisms of lean production. In the future, we will project the experience and techniques we have gained into other areas of our work in the agricultural sector."
The company plans to increase labour productivity by at least 15% in 3 years.
The publication was prepared according to the website of Azot KAO