Pilot testing of smart helmets at Ammoni AO

Ammoni AO
Ammoni AO conducted pilot testing of smart helmets developed by Softline Digital. The system monitors the movement and condition of employees, allowing to control compliance with safety regulations and notify the dispatcher in case of incidents.

Due to the specific nature of its production processes, Ammoni AO has special requirements for compliance with occupational health and safety requirements, including movement through hazardous areas. Its management decided to investigate the use of a personnel positioning system in its production facilities.

The system is based on three elements: smart helmets with a radio module, a base station that receives the signal, and an analytical server. The dispatcher in a convenient interface can see in real time the geodata of each employee, which allows controlling the presence in hazardous areas, status, and promptly receive a signal about a dangerous event.

In addition, the system registers information about shocks, falls, prolonged immobility, temperature in the work area. The solution's functionality also includes monitoring the presence of a helmet on an employee's head, emergency call for help, and notification of the operator and management about incidents.

As part of the project development, it is planned to integrate with the software component of the labour safety management system, as well as to add the ability to track the carrying of a gas mask bag.
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