Azot KAO took part in the International Exhibition and Forum "Russia"

Azot KAO
On March 11, the Festival of Professions was launched at VDNH, which will feature more than 150 master classes from experts, meetings with major employers, workshops, lectures, career guidance tests, quizzes, excursions and presentations of educational programmes.
The main goal of the festival is to show the diversity of the modern labour market and help young people who are just deciding on their future profession or first job.
Azot KAO was invited to the exhibition as one of the largest employers in Kuzbass. The company's employees prepared three locations with the presentation of professions and held an interactive event with the audience. Most attention was attracted by the "Predictor of the Future", which determined what profession the participant would get. In the course of the presentation, visitors learned about current and promising professions in the labour market and even had a chance to try on the roles of the most in-demand working specialists of the company: chemical analysis laboratory technician, repair mechanic, electrician.
The participants of the interactive had to answer basic safety questions for each speciality, identify key tools in their work and complete individual tasks. Participants received branded souvenirs from their mentors for successfully completing all stages.
"Our location created a real furore at the exhibition! A huge number of visitors, we couldn't stop the flow of people who wanted to participate in interactive activities and learn about their profession. The coolest audience was, of course, children. Everyone was eager to try their hand at it. Our delegation worked very well, everyone gave 100 per cent," Daria Ma Dinh, Head of the Group for Work with Educational Institutions at Azot KAO, shared her emotions after her performance at the exhibition.
In total, more than 1,000 people visited Azot KAO's booth.
The final event of the Festival of Professions will be the regional stage of the All-Russian Employment Fair.
The publication was prepared according to the website of Azot KAO