The first stage of the Azot KAO ammonium sulphate shop modernisation project was implemented

Azot, a Kemerovo joint-stock company
ASI Corporation developed a system solution to modernise the loading units of the 2010 hull for Azot KAO in the summer of 2023. The project is based on the complete replacement of in-house-made weighing complexes, which were installed here back in 2010 and worked without any problems throughout the entire operational period.

Azot KAO produces crystalline ammonium sulphate around the clock, with the total annual operating time of the shipping stage of the shop exceeding 8,600 hours. In order to improve cycle efficiency and speed up delivery to the end customer, the technical upgrade process was approached systematically - each new weighing complex is supplemented with smart modules that expand the functionality of the complex as a whole.
The loading unit at the southern railway front of the ammonium sulphate shop has already been modernised - the new strain gauge scales have been verified and are fully ready for operation. The equipment will record the weight of wagons in static mode and will retain its metrological characteristics even at overloads of a quarter of its nominal value.
The correct position of the railway vehicle on the scales is checked by a positioning system with four inductive sensors for the wheelsets in the train. The operator is informed that the wagon is correctly positioned on the measuring section by a ticker on the display panel. The results of each weighing will also be displayed here.

Round-the-clock video surveillance in the control zones will be provided by IP-cameras - two on the already modernised section of the southern front and two more on the node to be built on the northern branch. The equipment will be able to recognise wagon numbers and save all frames with reference to the date and time of weighing. In real time, the media stream will be transferred to the local database of the company and stored in a secure archive.

The IT products developed for this project are fully adapted to the requirements of Azot KAO actual production process. The new software modules are seamlessly integrated into the plant-wide railway transport management system ONICS. The software upgrade of the operator information system of the ammonium sulphate shop united the software of the central control panel and the software and hardware complex of the scales into a single digital environment. The process will become more transparent for specialists, and the accuracy and speed of loading products into railway transport will increase.
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