Azot KAO attended an international conference on mining and blasting

Azot KAO
Kemerovo hosts the XXIV International Scientific and Practical Conference on Mining and Blasting, which discusses topical issues and innovations in the field of drilling and blasting operations at mining enterprises. Among the main speakers were representatives of Azot KAO, who spoke about the company's products in the context of the mining industry.

The conference is attended by more than 250 people, including representatives of the largest companies producing industrial mass explosions, as well as scientists and specialists from Russia and neighbouring countries.

During the conference the delegations of the largest companies visited Kedrovsky coal mine of Kuzbassrazrezugol Management Company, where a demonstration explosion using an electronic initiation system was conducted, and also visited Azot KAO - a leading ammonium nitrate production facility. The delegates learnt more about the production facility and discussed key environmental, safety and technological innovations in production.
- Azot Group unites four production sites and remains the leader in supplying various types of high-quality ammonium nitrate. In Russia, our enterprises cover 60% of the needs of blasting operations, and in Kuzbass - all 90%. At the same time, the nitrate produced by Azot Group makes it possible to produce high-quality explosions with maximum energy yield, which reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere," said Sergei Albrecht, Deputy Sales Director of Azot Trading House (a branch of Azot KAO in Moscow).
Azot Group development programme for the next decade takes into account the growing needs of the coal and other extractive industries in Siberia and the Far East, and Kuzbass has a special place in it.
The publication was prepared according to the website of Azot KAO