Azot-agro OOO is 4 years old

Azot-agro OOO
Azot-agro OOO, a subsidiary of the Tsentr peredovogo zemledeliya OOO, is 4 years old.

Today, the agricultural enterprise, which was created as an experimental and demonstration site, is one of the most advanced in the region.

According to the results of the harvesting campaign of 2022, the record yield of wheat in Kuzbass was achieved here: 73 centners per hectare. The average yield of cereals and legumes also became the best among the farms of the region and was 62 c/ha.

On the fields with the area of 8339 hectares qualified specialists grow winter and spring wheat, rape, peas, barley, soya.

Effective methods of process management, for example, introduction of precision farming system, rational use of fertilisers and modern equipment allow achieving high results.

This year Azot-agro OOO plans to open a new direction of agricultural activity - mass production of quality seed material. At the moment, the final works are underway to put into operation the seed production complex built from scratch.

The staff of the agricultural enterprise consists of 53 employees.
The publication was prepared based on the materials of the community in the VKontakte social network "Azot"